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We bring business outcomes and social impact together.

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Our Purpose

We help businesses thrive while providing a platform that creates economic empowerment for all.

Our Mission

Miss Mack Enterprises provides businesses with the tools, programs, and expertise to Acquire Talent, Develop and Retain them.

Our Style

We have an integrated approach that covers all levels of the organization from entry-level to C-suite with highly targeted offerings that build Competencies, Confidence and Self Reliance, all of which enables employees to excel in their jobs while positioning them for personal and professional advancement

Our Services


Project Manage Recruiting Cycle, Creation of Job Specifications,Targeted Job Postings, Develop Qualified Talent Pipeline, Proprietary Candidate Screening Tools, Handle Initial Interviews, Coordinate Interviews, Assist with Offers and Onboarding

Staff Development

Employee: Job Specific Skills, Customer Service-COVID Enhanced, How to Upsell, Teamwork. Management: COVID Compliance, Setting Sales Goals, Sales Forward Customer Service, Building Teams, Communication Methods, Motivational Methods. Executive: Leadership, Communication, Empowerment, Culture Carrier.


Post hiring Assessments, Retention Support and Coaching, Mobility, Financial Literacy

Business Strategy

Business Plan Development and Execution, Scaling and Expansion, Compensation, Incentives and Benefits, Social Impact Programming, Company Culture

Corporate Travel

MME is proud to offer Corporate Travel services for our clients. We do more than help you plan your trips. We help you find the right places at the right time.

Digital Marketing

Branding & Identity, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Strategy & Management, Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Content Development, Web Solutions, eCommcerce.

Who is Miss Mack?

I am a Southern Californian native who has called Harlem home for over 15 years. I have over 20 years is social human services and over 15 years in the hospitality industry. I found both industries share many of the same principles. Empowerment is key to growth and success.

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Address: New York, NY

E-mail: contact@MissMackEnterprises.com